My pet cemetery

Owl Time

A trailer for a festival this summer (~2017). No Owl harmed in the process.

A Pile of Street-Flotsam, 3D Scanned..

With a mobile-app. Shoot at Skalitzerstrasse 22, i remember one part of the heap was a big cooking pot.


Test for a animated little fly. Hey animated little guy.

Stills From A Dead Music Video Project

Would be an fancy title for a band, is also the story of this animated video. Two band-breakups and stuff later i am sure it will never find its place.. had it's weak parts, also.

Digital Makeup Test

Instant zombification! To bad this short was never finished, but here a test we made.


A animation i made for video-projections and such, never went much further with it.

Oh! listen with sound.

UV-Mapping Gone Right

Again a 3D scan with an mobile. This time my head (obviously).

Jazz Club Scene

Outtake from "Pierrot Lunaire" we never used. That's my strong chin lightened up, mysteriously..